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Original Beta
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Name: Mathilde
Title: A War Story
Genre: urban sci-fi/adventure/gen
Rating: NC-17. Warnings: occasional femslash, a dash of incest, violence/torture, off-screen abuse (possibly rape).
What you're looking for in a beta (if anything): I tend to lose objectivity when I write something and get too close to it, so I would need someone to tell me if there's a fault in coherency, something in the big picture that doesn't look quite right. It's a work in progress for bigbiang_mixup and there's a deadline, so I'd also need someone to give me a boost in a while. I'd appreciate someone with whom I can discuss the story/ideas/characters and bounce ideas. I'd also love some constructive criticism, but I think that's par for the course. Oh, and the fic is probably going to end up being novel-length, around 100K.
Other Notes: I can be a little purple-prosy at times. I also sometimes forget that the readers don't know everything I know and so can be a little obscure from time to time. I'm not at all familiar with sci-fi so I might not always sound like I actually know what I'm talking about. Oh, and while I don't love gore, I can be a little violent sometimes.
Email: goodmorningkillerqueen@gmail.com, but you can also PM me or leave a comment here if you'd rather.

Pen Name: Riley Jade

Fandom: Original

Rating: M (Explicit) NC-17

Genre: M/M romance, modern fantasy, supernatural, paranormal

WARNINGS: Darker themes, slavery, slavery as a form of revenge… hurt but *eventually* comfort. I need someone who isn’t put off by battle scenes or blood and gore. The first chapter contains graphic torture. There will also be a fair amount of violence in the long run---I think? The opening chapter is intense, and it might be disturbing to some readers. It *will not* remain that dark and gritty for the long haul I promise. In fact that’s probably the worst of it (not promising that, but probably)

Spoilers: N/A

Pairing: Male/Male Demon/younger vampire set in an original AU world of my own creation.

Beta Type: Content, progression (Someone to bounce ideas off of) grammar and spelling issues, as needed-- Someone willing to question me about my characters/characterization. Someone who is also willing to make observations and tell me what their impressions of my characters and the situations are along the way. I want to make sure the story is coming across on paper the same way it is in my head. So you might see a couple of drafts of the same chapter before I actually have you do the actual editing portion.

Ideas, progression, impressions first.

Spelling, grammar, ect…next.

Harshness: I'm not overly sensitive but criticism should be constructive. I don’t just want pats on the back. I’ve been writing a long time, I know I have a few bad habits, but I actually like to know what they are. That way I can try and fix them. I also recognize that some criticism comes from personal taste, and I can sort that out and not get my feelings hurt. If you don’t like something (like blue eyes and blond hair or switch characters) I get it, it’s not to your taste and it’s not going to offend me if you say so.

Note/ Additional Details: This is a WIP, The first chapter is completed. I actually work best when I have someone along to read each chapter and give me constructive feedback as I move things along. Chances are this will be a fairly long story. IT could move along slowly or at lightning speed, I never know how these things are gonna go. I will continue telling this story, until it’s been told, however long that takes *shrugs*

Warning this will most likely be novel Length, most of my stuff ends up that way.

23rd-Sep-2012 12:42 pm - Writer
Musketeers - Milady de Winter
Hello Original Beta. I'm writing a fifteen thousand word Nc17 novel for the adult market. I'm currently using my mums account, with her permission, and am looking for a good beta to go over my work before i try and sell it.

Name: James Schoonover
Title: Sex and Music [Working Title]
Genre: Romance
Rating: NC17
What you're looking for in a beta: Open mindedness?
Other Notes: Book is just shy the last chapter. It is a moresome slash/het book and it is my first time writing something like this. I need someone willing to be mean, because I am lacking in basic grammar skills.
Email: Burningchaos@yahoo.com Please put "Attention James Schoonover".
7th-Sep-2012 02:09 am - Writer

Name: Sissy
Title: NA
Genre: Horror, urban fantsy
What you're looking for in a beta (if anything):
Other Notes:
Email: (If you want)

I am trying to work on my original stories now. I'm honestly looking for a well oiled editor or co-author. I enjoy writing urban fantasy , horror and I tie my real life issues into stories of course as well. It would be helpful if you would also look at my profile. I am also looking for someone who has free time , or at least doesn't feel rushed or pushed into working with me. I'm honestly mostly just looking for an editor/co-author friendship type relationship.

Thank you in advance.


31st-Mar-2012 12:10 pm - Writer
Here again but desperately in need of a beta for a BB piece, around 10k words. 

Name: uni
Title: N/A as of now.
Genre: M/M romance, urban fantasy. 
Rating: I'm unsure, but to be safe, M. 
What you're looking for in a beta: My weakness is sentence structure :/ so I'll definitely need help with that. Grammar isn't my best suit, but I am improving. I need someone who can be honest and pinpoint awkward phrases/dialog/word usage/etc. Fix anything you can, and I'll be happy :) I really don't want to embarrass myself by turning in a final draft that looks like a rough one D: 
Other Notes: This is for the Werewolf Big Bang, so it'll be a short piece of around 10k. I've only got 3,500 written but have until May 21st to submit it, so there won't be a tight schedule. I'd rather do it in bits and pieces, if possible, so I can focus on sections at a time. But if you prefer me to wait and send it all when I'm finished, that's fine :) Also, in case this turns you away, my plan if it works out is to have this be a poly piece, m/m/m. There'll be some d/s in it, too.
Email: PM me please, and I'll give it to you that way.

**Edit to add something I forgot ^^;
19th-Dec-2011 02:10 pm - Writer
Ceci n'est pas une...
Name: sekahyyh (more commonly known as Sekah)
Title: Pluto and Proserpina
Genre: Historical Fiction, set during the reign of Emperor Nero in ancient Rome.
Rating: NC-17. Warnings include slash (both male- and fem-slash), rape, and gore.
What you're looking for in a beta (if anything): The more ability you have to cross into the great unknowns of plot, characterization, and style, the more I'd like to have you for my beta. If you're a beta whose strengths rest mostly with grammar, I have a good grasp of it already, and would rather someone who can help me build the story into a stronger piece on top of helping with things like spelling, diction, and other comparable errors. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a beta who's a competent grammarian, but I need advice about other aspects of storytelling more. If you're a history buff like I am, all the better, though you don't necessarily have to be.
Other Notes: Be rough with me. Don't be afraid to point out what I'm doing wrong, and why, and how it can be fixed. Don't spare my feelings. I mean, if you'd like to, that's fine, but I'd rather the story improved and I got an ego bruising than that I came out feeling lovely but the story stagnated.
Email: stalkercrow@gmail.com (I know, I know, it's an awful email. This particular account is named after an anime character, but I might as well put the chips on the table. All my other accounts funnel into here anyway, after all.)
14th-Oct-2011 08:51 pm - BETA
Name: seven_ace
How long have you been a beta for?: Three years
What types of stories do you like to beta?: originals, slash/femslash, supernatural/paranormal, romance, het
What types of stories will you not beta?: RPFs (real person fics) of fanfiction worlds.
Your strengths as a beta are: spelling, punctuation, grammar, giving ideas
Anything else about yourself: If I can't get on, I'll let you know. I'm online at least an hour a day. 
Email: (If you want) ogradyhotty@gmail.com

27th-Apr-2011 01:38 pm - Writer
Name: uni
Title: N/a
Genre: Romance, contemporary, slavefic (M/M specifically)
Rating: NC-17
What you're looking for in a beta: Someone to fix grammar, sentence structure, help with ensuring things are tight and realistic (especially the characters). I would really like someone to critique the plot; tell me truthfully (harsh is fine) what they think of it, and whether it has potential. Pretty much anything you can offer to improve the story!
Other Notes: I'm slow at producing chapters and this is a project I'm working on differently, so you won't be editing anything quick after the first chapter. I'm fine with working around your schedule. I'm no beta so I can't offer help back, but I can offer to review your fiction honestly and bounce ideas with you if you want. I'm also looking for something long term, though I understand if you're unable.
Email: ms.introvert@hotmail.com --though I'd prefer to be contacted through PM/message or comment here if possible. If you prefer email that's fine!

22nd-Feb-2011 09:52 pm - Writer
Name: T. T. Kove
Title: n/a
Genre: fantasy, supernatural, paranormal (m/m and some f/f) maybe some contemporary in the future if I'm in the mood.
Rating: from PG to M
What you're looking for in a beta: Someone who is enthusiastic and that can give constructive criticism. Someone who can catch grammatical errors, make sure the plot is tight, character development. Help with punctuation and sentence structure, if that is out of order. Basically, everything. ::lol::  
Other Notes: a quick response time would be good, but not necessary. I want a long-term beta for my current and future projects, someone I can get along with and perhaps bounce ideas with? ^__^ If you're a writer of slash, I'd be willing to help out as well. ^__^ 
Email: ttkove@gmail.com (ttkove AT gmail DOT com)

Check out some of my writing here on my livejournal if you want. ^__^

17th-Jan-2011 04:29 pm - BETA
Name: Olivia
How long have you been a beta for?: Long enough to know that that 'for' is unnecessary. Seriously, though, I've been proofing friends' stories for upwards of a decade now.
What types of stories do you like to beta?: I'm not picky; I'll read slash, het and gen of any genre. I like pieces that are character-driven, but I won't turn up my nose at plot-heavy works.
What types of stories will you not beta?: Chan and Mpreg are the only things that spring immediately to mind.
Your strengths as a beta are: I am very good at noticing and fixing grammatical errors. In general, I'm also a tough, thorough reader, and I am not afraid to give honest criticism. I tend to write a lot of comments, most of them constructive rather than complimentary.
Anything else about yourself: I will try to get stories back to you within 48 hours, but sometimes my schedule will interfere. Let me know how soon you need something back and I am certain that we will be able to work something out. I am also happy to listen to general ideas and help with story development.

In general, I'm looking for writing buddies. :)

Email: (If you want) oliviaokay at hotmail dot com - you can also message me through lj or just leave a comment here to contact me.
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