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Original Beta

Share, Edit, Learn

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Find a beta or be a beta for others.
Original Beta is a place for people who write original fiction/non-fiction/poetry etc to get their works beta'd and for beta's to show off their skills.

Members can request a beta, or beta's can list what type of stories they like to read and wait for the line up.

If you are are waiting for a beta, try and beta another person's work. This helps you refine you skills and figure out what works in fiction/poetry and what doesn't. It is a good idea to not only get your own works beta'd, but beta other people's fiction as well.

If you are submitting a piece of fiction to be beta'd your introduction should look something like this:

Put WRITER in the header

What you're looking for in a beta (if anything):
Other Notes:
Email: (If you want)

You can also post your writings directly in the community under an lj-cut. This will hopefully garner more editing from a variety of people, but it can also limit what a beta can help you with in a small amount of space.

If you want to be a beta, your introduction should look something like this:

Put BETA in the header

How long have you been a beta for?:
What types of stories do you like to beta?:
What types of stories will you not beta?:
Your strengths as a beta are:
Anything else about yourself:
Email: (If you want)

Also beta's can submit a new introductory post every month, reminding writers that they're out there and waiting for a story to read and edit :)


1. No flaming under any circumstances. Good C&C is always welcomed, but flaming will get you banned from the community.

2. Do not plagiarize. If you are found to be plagiarizing someone's work, you will be banned and reported to the LJ staff.

3. Use proper spelling. This is a place for editing and refining your writing skills. No one will want a beta who types in lowercase and spells "you're" as "ur", and no beta will want to read a story done by someone who writes "ph32r m3" in their introduction.

5. If you have any questions about being a beta, or anything in particular about writing, feel free to ask the community, or email me with your questions. My email is: forsaken_eternity (at) hotmail (dot) com

Most of all: Have fun :)